Microsoft MTA Networking Fundamentals Exam

Recently I took the Microsoft Technology Associate Networking Fundamentals exam.  For those of you who are going to take it, it’s difficult to overprepare for this exam.

When I took the exam I agreed not to disclose any specifics about the test.  I can only mention broad general topics that Microsoft already publicly lists as covered by the exam.

Some general tips are that you want to make sure you understand the OSI model very well.  Make sure that you understand the middle layers in particular and not just Physical and Application (the easy ones).  Also make sure that you know the different routing protocols and what their main features are that makes them different from the others.

If you use the official Microsoft book and learn the terms really well you should be able to pass it without any problems.  The official Microsoft book comes with a code for official practice tests which I found extremely helpful.  Good luck to everyone!

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